Our Executive Team

Our incredible management has both expanded and taken Pete Pappas & Sons Inc to new heights in recent years!

Pete, Gus, Aris and Paul have worked diligently to grow the business in a number of ways including with our new tomato farm, by growing our product and service offerings and also by expanding our delivery area. 

We welcome Don as a new and valued member of our management team. Learn more about each of them below. 

Peter Pappas

Pete is the current CEO, and a 3rd generation Pappas family businessman. He joined his father and uncle at Pete Pappas & Sons in 1972.


Over the past 40 years, he has overseen the expansion of our original tomato business to the wholesale distribution of berries, potatoes, onions, melons, corn, lettuces and even organics.


While the company was originally named after his grandfather Peter K. Pappas, Pete and his sons Gus and Aris have truly fulfilled the company name of Pete Pappas & Sons. Our produce business certainly runs in our family!

Paul Pappas

Paul is our Vice President of Operations. 


He rejoined the company in 2013, and first worked with us as a Production Manager from 1987-1994. He has owned his own food distribution company, was the COO of a food service distributor and has worked for a produce grower/shipper and for a wholesale distributor. 


With his 30 years of experience in the industry, he has helped us to take advantage of every opportunity to grow our business.

Gus Pappas

Gus is the current 4th generation President, and resident berry professional. 


Since joining the company in 1999, he has helped grow the berry range of our business for 16 years.


He has taken our berry business from just strawberries to now blueberries, blackberries and raspberries too. Take one look at our berries and you’ll believe that Gus hand picks the best!


Don Martin

Don is our General Manager. 


He has 30 years in the produce business. Has worked for growers, shippers and repackers and has experience with both conventional and organic produce. 


Don ensures our departments are connecting with each other and that everything is running smoothly here. He also helps us find, assess and take advantage of growth opportunities.


We welcome his experience and are glad he has joined our team!

Aris Pappas

Aris is the 4th generation Vice President, COO and tomato expert.


Aris joined his father’s and brothers’ sides in 2004, and over the past 11 years has helped expand not only our tomato selection, but also the variety of fruits and vegetables that we carry. 


Aris has a hand in picking the bulk of our produce, which is reflected by the premium quality we offer.