Our Premium Tomato Farm

Smoky Mountain Family Farms

Smoky Mountain Family Farms is our premium tomato farm located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.


Established in 2016, with both conventional and USDA certified organic tomatoes, we are very proud of the work we have put in at SMFF. 


We look forward to a great 2017 season on the farm!


This year we are harvesting both premium Round, Roma, Grape and Cherry tomatoes and certified organic Round and Roma tomatoes. 


You can read articles about SMFF our new joint venture by clicking the Featured In section. You can also visit our website below.


A Focus on the Environment & Sustainability



Our Goals: Conserve, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

  • We recycle paper, cardboard and plastics throughout the building including in our office and warehouse
  • We further encourage recycling because all of the containers we distribute our products in are recyclable, including plastic clamshell containers and cardboard boxes
  • To conserve power, our 100,000+ sf building has been outfitted with LED lighting and sensors that turn the lights on and off automatically (based on movement in each room or area)
  • To conserve fuel and reduce pollution, we expertly plan our transportation routes and logistics to reduce the numbers of trips we take, number of miles we drive and numbers of trucks we have on the road
  • To reduce our landfill contributions, we reuse every pallet in our warehouse, and participate in a program that recycles damaged pallets. We can proudly say that we have never thrown a pallet away.
  • To conserve water and reduce paper waste, our building faucets and hand dryers are all automatic

A Local Focus & Sustainability

  • To promote local growers and farms, and boost our local economy, our produce program boasts a very strong local initiative sourced from local growers and farms
  • We create local jobs! We bring jobs to Howard County and create new jobs as our company continues to grow each year
  • We support diversity throughout the company and have a diverse work force
  • We support local food banks and programs by donating thousands of pounds of produce on a yearly basis to local food banks and programs to get nutritious fruits and vegetables to those in need
  • We sell select organic products, which reduces the overall environmental impacts of our business operations from the farming and growing stages
  • We support many local businesses through the wide scope of our business operations. This includes local transportation companies and other small businesses like printers, sign makers, apparel companies, restaurants and even local artists