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Our family of brands includes Patricia Brand premium produce, Pete's Garden USDA Organic items and premium tomatoes grown at our Tennessee farm Smoky Mountain Family Farms.

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The Pappas family men Pete, Aris, Gus and Paul talk about who we are, what we do, where we started and recent business expansions. 


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Big News!



Learn about our Zero Waste goal and our environmentally focused efforts on our Sustainability page



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Our premium organics brand, Pete's Garden, is expanding! Look for new products!




      2019 Harvest is here! At our premium tomato farm in Tennessee, Smoky Mountain Family Farms.



Patricia Brand New Products: Cherry Tomatoes (Quart), Grape Tomatoes (Quart), Mini Sweet Peppers (12/1 lb, 10 lb bulk), Stop Light Peppers (12/3 ct), Rainbow Peppers (12/3 ct), Jalapeno Peppers (12/4 oz), Serrano Peppers (12/4 oz), Habanero Peppers (12/4 oz)



We are proud that both our farm in Tennessee, Smoky Mountain Family Farms, and our warehouse location in Jessup, MD are USDA Organic Certified. 



Our Patricia Brand labels are sporting a new emblem! Celebrating 75 years, as of 2016.


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Pete Pappas & Sons Inc

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Jessup, MD 20794


Call us: (443)296-7880


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