Our Premium Produce Offerings

With the growth of business since relocating our facility, coupled with our USDA Organic Certification, we have expanded our offerings. Our family of brands now includes Patricia Brand premium produce, Pete's Garden USDA organics and premium tomatoes grown at Smoky Mountain Family Farms. 


In addition to all types of tomatoes, berries and onions, we have added year around premium offerings including green peppers, melons and corn. We are also proud to showcase our newest Patricia Brand products: Quart Cherry Tomatoes and Grape Tomatoes and a variety of pepper products including Mini Sweet Peppers (12/1 lb, 10 lb bulk), Stop Light Peppers (12/3 ct), Rainbow Peppers (12/3 ct), Jalapeno Peppers (12/4 oz), Serrano Peppers (12/4 oz) and Habanero Peppers (12/4 oz).


We also offer private labeling, custom packaging, and a variety of high graphics boxes.  We can assist you with product development and design features for custom orders. See below for more information on our capabilities and product offerings. 

Private Labeling Capabilities

We offer your company the ability to showcase your own private label in a variety of ways. Here is an example of our private label, Patricia Brand, and the local labels that we have designed for seasonal usage. 

Custom Packaging & Boxes

Contact us about the wide variety of custom packaging we offer including overwrap (shown), clamshells, bulk packs, premium 1-layer and 2-layer boxes and more. We will customize this to both meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

We Will Meet Your Needs

Let us develop and design the perfect branding and packaging for your company.

Our selection of Patricia Brand labels and packaging are just some examples of our capabilities. Contact us to learn more!


Tomatoes are what our business was built on and we specialize in vine ripened and gassed green tomatoes from all growing areas and available all year.


We supply cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, plum tomatoes and round tomatoes in various packs and sizes. This includes bulk, clamshell and tray packs. We offer organic grape tomatoes the entire year. 


We can work with you to create a customized tomato program that works for your business. 



We offer a variety of the finest berries in the Mid Atlantic region throughout the year.


Our selection of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries come from all growing areas.


We also offer premium berries from Driscoll’s Brand, and organics seasonally.

Fruit & Veg


Our year 'round offerings also include premium Green Peppers, Watermelons, Corn, Squash, Red & Yellow Onions and other Mixed Veg. 


Our program is constantly growing. Don't see what you're looking for? Just click the Contact Us page to get in touch with our sales team.




 Seasonally, we offer a variety of premium local produce. This includes local tomatoes and berries, watermelon, squash and peppers. Our exceptional local produce program boasts the sweetest melons in the summer!


We also offer a variety of USDA Organic products throughout the year.