Company Contact Information

 Main Office Phone (443) 296-7880

Toll Free (800) 444-6491


Office & Warehouse Address

7805 Rappahannock Ave, Unit 1

Jessup MD 20794


Mailing Address 

PO Box 1189

Jessup MD 20794




Gus Pappas

Co-CEO, Berry Sales & Purchasing


Aris Pappas

Co-CEO, Tomato Sales & Purchasing


Paul Pappas

President, General Operations & Tomato Sales 


Pete Pappas 

Chairman of the Board


Contact Us


Don Martin

VP of Sales 


Jamie Unglesbee

Director of Sales & Business Development

Melons, Corn & Berry Sales and Purchasing


Sales Department

Sales/Purchasing Fax  (443) 296-7859


Accounting  (AP/AR)

Accounting Fax (443) 296-7861



Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Hassan Sesay, Food Safety Manager



Helen Pappas, Marketing Manager


Human Resources & Hiring 

Linda Turkin, HR Manager

HR Fax (443) 296-7863

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