Smoky Mountain Family Farms

Smoky Mountain Family Farms is our premium tomato farm located in the picturesque Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. We utilize the best outdoor growing climate that Tennessee has to offer from the Spring to Fall. The farm is aptly named after the "smoky" look that the mountains take on with clouds and fog in the mornings. 


The farm is a Coalition of Immokalee Worker (CIW) partner and participant in the Fair Foods Program. We ensure that our farm workers are treated with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves and provided a safe place to work. Our tomatoes are grown and harvested with care by employees who are cared for. 


We are extremely proud of the work we have put in on the farm. From where Pete Pappas & Sons and the Pappas family started in the 1940s til now, we truly have loved adding "farmer" to our resumes!

A Premium Tomato Farm in the Mountains of East Tennessee

What We Grow

Between our two farm locations in Newport and Midway, Tennessee we grow and pack the following varieties of premium tomatoes:

  • Round
  • Roma
  • Grape
  • Cherry
  • Certified Organic Tomatoes


Videos on the Farm

We love showing off our lush fields nestled in the mountains. This climate creates abundant sunshine and with it, the mountain-grown flavor our customers know and love. 


See an aerial view of some of the farm in this video.  


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